• Price $135.00 EACH

When more range is needed for bird control, the ShellCracker is the answer.

The ShellCracker is a standard 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shotgun shell with a timed pyrotechnic report projectile.  The ShellCracker’s report is similar to that of the Bird Banger EXP, but the advantage is its range of over two hundred feet – more than double the range of a Bird Banger.  200 - 250 feet range

Use open choke shotgun only.

A Federal Explosives Permit is required for ShellCracker purchases.  

If you do not have an ATF Federal Explosives Permit, please refer to our Support page which discusses all the information you need to obtain one.  These include the necessary documents, forms and fees for the permit.  The contact details of pertinent agencies are also listed.  This requirement is waived for government agencies, airports, and landfills.

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