Red Squirrel / Flying Squirrel Cone Excluder

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Model SCE135 is the new Standard Duty Short Grey Squirrel Cone Excluder developed by BatCone and manufactured by Tomahawk Live Trap.

This excluder has no moving parts to malfunction and will perform flawlessly for years with no maintenance required.

Attach this excluder directly over the entry/exit point and squirrels will remove themselves.  

SCE135 can also be used with excluder trap models SPT30 or SPT35 in order to trap rather than exclude squirrels from unwanted places.

This excluder is built from ½ x 1 – 16 gauge mesh wire.  7" Long, 2" Wide, and the tines can be adjusted at the end.

No more Flying Squirrels!

After failing to evict flying squirrels from my eaves in my home using fox urine, I purchased the cone excluder. Then I positioned a game camera there to see what occurred. The photos show the squirrels leaving, then attempting to return, unsuccessfully! They are now gone. - Anonymous

Red Squirrel / Flying Squirrel Cone Excluder

This worked great! Took care of the flying squirrels and our home is quiet again!! So easy to set up! Thank you. - Julie H