RBG #40 Round Body Grip Trap 2.5"

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The #40 RBG Single Spring Round Body Grip Trap has a 2 1/2" jaw spread and is recommended by RBG for use in taking red squirrels, chipmunks, ermine, rats and other similarly sized animals.

Single Spring. 18 inches of 3/32" cable. Two Swivels.



they work great on Western Richardson ground squirrel - Ken Brunkhorst

Ground Squirrels

Works great placed at the entrance hole. - Anonymous

Great Traps Worth The Money

If you have a small pest problem these are great traps and work flawlessly getting rid of small pesky varmints. Just remember to keep your fingers out of the jaws. :-) - Jerry

Great little rat trap

Allready caught two rats with these. Solidly built. The trigger wires are quite stout and the dog is burly so its not quite as sensitive a trap as I would expect for its size, but I can't argue with the results. - Anonymous


They work great. Thank you - Anonymous

Rbg# 40 round body grip trap 2.5

Great place to shop fast shipping traps work great - Anonymous

Very High Quality

Excellent trap design. Very high quality and sturdy, not afraid of it breaking at any point. Easy to set up once you get the angle logistics down and very effective. - Bree

2.5 Grip trap

Very well made trap great quality. - Bill Tut