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RBG #330 Round Body Grip Trap 10"

  • Price $31.39 EACH

10" Jaw Spread.

Double Spring.

Best used for Beaver and Otter. 

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Great trap

Having a problem with groundhogs underneath my pole barn’s cement floor, my uncle showed me how to handle and set these traps. While a little confusing and nerve wrecking at first, these things do the trick! Two trapped and one shot so far! - Michelle C


Great trap for groundhogs it hasn't missed - Glenn D.


I have 3 of the 330’s. my favorite conibear once set in a beaver run they look like a hole. The beaver I’ve caught with them don’t seem to refuse to enter or go around like some square conibears. Great product - Kenny

RBG #330

I’ll mention best prices first. Next let’s talk RBG first time purchase for me they seem rock solid. Boiled them to get grease off bent the triggers how I like them. Just waiting to use them. Feel very heavy duty. Round trap most den holes round made sense to try for me. - BB