RBG 1022 Body Grip Trap

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This is latest trap from Nick Erny who makes the RBG traps.  Ideal for blocking off those wide runs that are hard to narrow down with a conventional 330.  

The trigger on this trap is also "tension adjustable" for setting in fast moving water. 

This trap is constructed of 7/16" cold rolled steel rod and has two powerful springs. 

The safeties are the wide variety so there is no slippage like conventional rod safeties.

10" x 22" Rectangular Body Grip Trap

Made in the USA 

1022 bodygrip trap

This product I purchased not only was well built very high quality and works amazing for them large runs ont he bottoms of the rivers for them big beavers and animal traps products shipped extremely fast so had them for the same weekend trapping fun thanks - Jeffery Castonia