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RBG #055 Round Body Grip Trap 3.5"

  • Price $12.50 EACH

The #55 RBG Single Spring Round Body Grip Trap has a 3 1/2" jaw spread and is recommended by RBG for use in taking red squirrels, grey squirrels, fox squirrels, ermine and other similarly sized animals.

18 inches of 3/32" cable with two swivels. 


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Ground squirrels

Works great at the entrance home for ground squirrels. I have irradiated an infestation who’s holes were a danger to my other animals. Great product works flawlessly! - Anonymous

Round body grip trap

The best well made trap made. Easy set up because it’s round and fits right in the hole. - Charles

Awesome trap!

Works great on the prairie dogs. - Anonymous

RBG #55 Very Effective with Ground Squirrels

I'm very new to the use of traps. After a review of the RBG #55 online, and after studying the trap and how it works, I have had very good luck with these traps.

First, it is hard to find a merchant that ships faster than ATS.

I have a serious ground squirrel problem in the mountains of Colorado and have had for many years. Bubonic plague is often a problem with ground squirrels in Colorado. Nothing else has worked.

I found that setting the traps was fairly difficult, but modifying a cheap ratcheting woodworking clamp made it easy to set the trap and also simplified the task of getting a dead rodent out of the trap. A standard trap setting tool would also work.

The round shape of the trap works well in ground squirrel holes and allowed me to set the trap fairly deep in the hole such that it would be less likely to catch an unintended animal. I learned that it helps to bend the trigger fingers a little to ensure they will stay clear of the closing jaws. I set the trap with the finger side facing into the hole since it appears easier to trip the trap from that side and it is very unlikely that a squirrel will be entering the hole. I also found that a rock can get in the way and prevent the jaws from closing fully. Keep rocks away from the set trap. One thing you need to recognize is that the trap traces out the shape of a sphere (ball) when its jaws close. Clean out the hole (or where ever you are setting the trap) such that the jaws will not hit anything other than the target animal when closing. If I know a hole is in active use by a squirrel, it is almost a sure thing that I will find him in the trap the next morning. - K. Jones

Perfect for what I needed

This trap has been perfect for my gopher problem! Never find the trap tripped without a gopher in it. Would recommend for anyone with a gopher problem. - Ryan

#55 RBGT

These are easy to set, and fit inside a 4" cardboard core, a great set for squirrels! - Roger