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RACCOON LURE 2000 1oz.

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    On Target A.D.C. Raccoon 2000 Lure 1 Oz for Raccoon  for Raccoon

    ON TARGET RACCOON 2000- After more than 20 years of formulating lures. I have finally developed what I believe to be the very best coon lure on the market! This product will excel miles above any other lure or bait. Due to the fact that this lure is new to the market. Raccoon 2000 will be the hottest coon lure to hit the market since E.J. Dailey himself started using the word lure, some 60 years ago. Double your money back guarantee on this one!! I'm that sure. 

    Bring them in!

    Simple yet effective, coons cannot resist this lure once they get a whiff of this stuff. Recommended. - Joe Craft

    Coon lure

    Lure seems to work fine. Only thing I would suggest before using it is getting a 1oz medicine dropper and moving it into the dropper. Will save you a lot of heartache and hand washing. - Anonymous


    I'll give it 3 stars because I haven't caught a coon yet, but haven't seen any either. - Mike