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    About one half ounce of this product will make the female remove her family from the dwelling in less than 48 hours.  

    This works great for raccoons in a chimney flue, or any other location you can't get to.

    It almost always works on the first night but has not taken over two days yet.  You can apply the liquid on a tennis ball, then screw the ball to a large nylon piece of rope.  Toss the ball in those hard to reach places near the den and retrieve in a few days.  


    Recommended Products

    Raccoon Eviction Fluid

    The raccoon eviction works very well. I do wish it had a dropper tip instead of a regular cap as it could be applied two seperate ways, but I can deal with that. It has evicted 3 raccoon families in 3 tries, so you can't ask for anything better. One family from a chimney and two families from attics. Thanks! - Dean

    Raccoon eviction

    Worked great, raccoon was gone the same day - Mike

    GET OUT!!!!!

    This stuff WORKS!!! Those critters skeedaddled!! - Anonymous


    I live in central nj and had raccoons in a shed and a garage attic. after applying the fluid to tennis balls and tossing them into the affected areas, within 24 to 48 hours later, there were no signs of any raccoons. it only took a small amount and was very effective. - Rich Spencer

    Raccoon Eviction & then some!

    This is the most pungent & caustic smelling stuff I’ be ever encountered. Worked like a charm! It would repel the devil himself. Can’t IMAGINE harvesting it. - Anonymous

    It works

    Thank you for the quick shipping - Anonymous

    Works like label says

    No traps and raccoon is safe with no problem in future at that house
    With good exclusion work - Anonymous

    Racoon eviction

    I haven't used it yet. What we thought was a racoon turned out to be a bird in the evespout. - Karen R

    Raccoon eviction

    I tried this for the first time and I really like it the funny thing is the raccoons stop going in that area now they’re in a different part of my yard but I like it so I’m ordering more to stop them from that area as well. - Steve B

    Racoon eviction liquid

    Works all time with mom and babies inside attic etc. - Jp