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    About one half ounce of this product will make the female remove her family from the dwelling in less than 48 hours.  

    This works great for raccoons in a chimney flue, or any other location you can't get to.

    It almost always works on the first night but has not taken over two days yet.  You can apply the liquid on a tennis ball, then screw the ball to a large nylon piece of rope.  Toss the ball in those hard to reach places near the den and retrieve after a few days.  


    Customer Testimonial:

    "The Raccoon Eviction formula is Worth EVERY bit that I spent on it. I used small plastic snap-lid food storage containers (8 oz. size), poked holes in the sides of the plastic containers with a hot nail, then put 4 or 5 cotton facial squares inside, and then poured 1/2 oz of the Eviction fluid on top, put the lids on, and affixed four or five such containers to the fence around the back of the property where we are. The little rascals stayed away for two whole months, and then we found one additional raccoon latrine 'deposit,' and I went around to all of the plastic food containers and added another 1/2 oz. of 'Eviction' to each of the containers. 
    Haven't seen any more raccoon poops since. We also had a fox that had started leaving his own 'calling cards' in the front yard, and I set up a plastic food container with 'eviction' in it for that visitor. He hasn't left any more 'messes' since then, either. 

    thank you for an effective product, "Raccoon Eviction" DOES evict those raccoons!!"

              Dr. J Shuyler Buitron, DCS

    Recommended Products

    Raccoon Eviction

    So, I had some raccoons that got into my attic. They got in through my soffit. I didn’t know how many were up there and felt like they may attract if I climbed all the way in the attic so not per instructions. I just put a little raccoon eviction near my access point and hoped they would at least clear away from the area. A couple days later they were gone complexly. Great product highly recommend. - Brian

    Raccoon in chimney and barn

    Mother raccoon and kits nesting on flue in chimney. Applied to tennis ball on rope, dropped into chimney and played talk radio in hearth. Gone by following morning. Yay! Mission accomplished until we discovered them in our barn. Placed tennis balls in nesting area and they moved to another corner. Purchased two more ounces and placed tennis balls in strategic locations throughout barn. Worked again! Hopefully gone for good. Feeling accomplished over this humane and economical approach. No trapping and killing and saved $700. - Anonymous

    Worked great

    We made the mistake of not blocking how they were entering since we were heading out of town but they were gone a day after we put this in the area. Will definitely use again. - Anonymous


    I live on the beach.
    I have everything from Cardinals to Raccoons.
    They were in the kitchen ceiling n I could not reach them. The product worked Awesomely they were gone in 4 days. - Keith

    Raccoon Eviction Just Works

    Raccoon Eviction sure works as advertised. I put it on a tennis ball as instructed and lowered it down into the chimney. Mom was instantly agitated and moved her babies out within 8 hours. It stinks, but that’s why it works so well. Took the ball out and the chimney and fireplace don’t stink now either. Highly recommended. - Mark

    Raccoons gone!

    Worked great!!! Mama raccoon and babies were gone in 24 hours!! So glad I found this product! - Aimee

    Raccoon family has left the building

    Within 36 hours, mom & babies left the area. I saturated a tennis ball with 1/2 oz of raccoon eviction. It was tied to old phone wire, so it could be retrieved, and used again, if needed. Thanks, this stuff works, stinky but great!! - Carla Gowing

    Great Results

    Used immediately upon receiving. Within a few hours, my raccoon problem was done! Mom and babies left. No more scurrying in the attic. Awesome product. Thank you! - Wayne


    This product works great! No more raccoons.
    I put a fence up to keep them out for good. - Anonymous

    Eviction fluid

    We have not seen any more raccoons. It really works. - Cyndi

    Amazing Product

    Product worked great, looks as if raccoon moved right on out! - Anonymous

    Raccoon Eviction works!

    Worked great, we stuck some q-tips into the area, a crawl space. Finally got him out! - Anonymous

    Very effective

    The product works great. Raccoons would have left sooner but the ice on the roof had to melt first. - Anonymous

    Racoon Eviction

    Seems to have evicted them, but still have "something in the roof"? Think now it might be opossum's not sure but going to try to add more racoon evict. Lets see if it works for other critters! Fingers crossed! - Cindy Gilliam

    Worked wonders

    It worked like a dream. The raccoons were in my attic so a friend, who is a wildlife rehabber, came over. I bought 18 tennis balls and we put the product on 10 and the other 8 in cayenne, after which, she just threw the balls all over the attic.

    Now, how do I keep them from my bird feeders? - Jennifer

    This Product works!!

    I coated 3 tennis balls and hung them in my attic, one near the raccoon and her young, and the other two in other parts of the attic. When I went back the next day, they were gone! I highly recommend Raccoon Eviction! - Arte Tedesco

    Works Great

    Momma raccoon moved her babies out of our attic and all is well! - Anonymous

    It worked!

    I had raccoons in my attic. I tried peppermint oil, loud music - nothing worked. I stumbled upon this product while surfing the web for a solution. I put the product on some tennis balls and put them in the corners of the attic (they were getting in towards the center of the attic). It took about 24 hours and then I heard them leave. I cleaned the attic, fixed the hole, and problem solved.

    This product is 100% worth the money and I will purchase again if I run into this problem again. - Josh

    It works!

    I tied rags to the end of long poles and applied an equal amount to each rag. Then I used the poles to set the rags in different spots near the den. It took approximately 36 hours, but the mother moved her litter elsewhere - THANK GOODNESS! - G.L.


    I can’t believe that something so simple worked. I put Raccoon Eviction on cotton balls and hung the cotton balls through holes in my deck. I really didn’t expect it to work. Last week I put sticks in front of my raccoon’s exit. Those sticks haven’t moved in four days!!
    - Anonymous

    Fast and effective

    Great product! A racoon had babies in an impossible to access spot in our wall and thus stuff got them to move out within hours with no expensive, time consuming repair to our home. It was amazing how quickly and well this product worked! - Anonymous

    It does work

    Had a family of raccoons in our attic--mother and 4 young--and had traps put but mother was too smart to enter. Used this mixture on tennis balls and threw to the parts of the attic that we could access. They left that part and made their home in an area inaccessible to any intrusion. Found the hole in the roof and set up a camera to record when they left at night. After watching them leave, we boarded up the hole and left the remaining mixture on a rag at the entrance. Watched the mother come back very briefly and they leave--never to come back. - Anonymous


    One application and they're gone! Can't ask for anything better than that. - Michael N

    Raccoon Evictions Works

    I have or had a family of coons living in my attic and the access was to small to get a trap in there. I was skeptical that this would work and figured i would have to call a pro animal removal service which no doubt would be expensive. All the stores near me had no tennis balls, so i opted to use old wash rags rolled up in a ball with rubber bands. I ended up throwing i think 3 in different locations, thought it wasn't going to work as we heard lots more racket than the usual. After a couple days we noticed ALL the noise stopped. I am very impressed with the product, totally worth it!!! even though it smelled worst than death itself lol.
    Thank you, - Darren

    Worked in one night

    We put a bit on a rag (actually way less than even recommended on the bottle) and tied it to fishing line and hung from our balcony, where we had a family of 3 raccoons living under the deck of the business below us and besides tearing through the garbage, they were digging big holes under the seawall, causing our backyard to flood every time we had a really high tide. After ONE NIGHT we have not seen them again. It's been almost a month. Hopefully they found the big patch of woods just downstream. I had no idea if this would work or not, the rag was actually like 8 feet off the ground but was swaying in the breeze, releasing it's stinky smell. But we were amazed it worked the first night. Highly recommend!

    By the way the product arrived in like a few days, it came SO fast. - K from Florida

    Definitely works

    Worked within 6 hours to remove mom and 3 babies from the attic. - Anonymous

    Eviction Fluid

    It worked immediately and completely. We had a mother raccoon with babies make a home in our wall and rummage through the attic. We consulted two companies who had technicians come out giving us estimates for trapping and sealing entries . The quotes ranged from $1200 to $3300! We decided to try ourselves first and purchased two 1oz. Bottles of this eviction fluid. We soaked and hung 5 tennis balls. Raccoons left that day, over a month ago, and never came back! - Kimberly


    The stuff is just fantastic, but please open it in an open space. I put it on some small tennis balls and hung them where I thought the raccoons came in. It worked like a charm because I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep. I had someone to find and fix the entry holes. There were three. I thanked my neighbor for telling me about this stuff and where to get it. Thank you so much. Raccoons in the attic is a horrible and scary experience when all of your cables and wires are in the attic. Thank you - Emma

    Worked as described

    Put very small amount on tennis ball with retrieval string, and through the ball into the drop ceiling area. Have not had any other raccoon issues. - TGroff

    Just in case

    While I haven't yet used the Raccoon Eviction, I'm very pleased with the ease of ordering and the promptness of the delivery. I will revisit my review when it's deemed necessary to evacuate the critters. - KJay

    worked a charm

    got it to evict some racoons from the tree in front of my house, they certainly haven't been back yet and its been nearly a month. - Anonymous

    Sent Raccoon packing

    Left for a two-week family vacation this summer and was welcomed home by an uninvited guest who took up residency in the attic. After researching a few different options, this eviction fluid seemed like the best course of action for the price and it's promise to humanely address the problem. All it took was one application and the raccoon hasn't been back since. Would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to evict a raccoon from their home. - Justin

    Worked like a charm!

    I put it in a chimney to get a raccoon to leave, and the critter was gone the next morning. Saved me a bunch of money! - Anonymous

    raccoons gone

    have an extremely large house that had raccoons in the attic due to development near by .

    one dose left for the weekend raccoons gone

    thank you

    a lot cheaper than the $2000 the trapper wanted - Chris


    Very effective. Take your power back from these domestic terrorists (raccoons) . I am ordering more based on a successful trial use. - Anonymous

    Seems it worked

    Raccoons made a homestead in the attic, getting in through a vent that was too easy to enter. Initially soaked a tennis ball with the eviction fluid and suspended on a string through the vent. Better way to go is to use a sponge suspended just above the floor on the second application. Then we closed off the entrance with chicken wire, making sure not to trap any raccoons inside. The fluid and jelled before second application, which made it harder to apply to the sponge/string combination. So far so good... - Anonymous

    Didn’t get rid of my raccoon problem

    Thought it worked at first but then 2 days later the raccoons returned. They don’t seem to care about this stuff. Didn’t really bother them. On to plan B - Anonymous

    It's Legit!!

    We recently had a coon set up shop in our attic above our master bedroom. Every night we could hear it moving the insulation around while it was building up its nest. Unfortunately, after getting up into the attic myself I noticed that there was no way for me to crawl over to where this trash panda was now residing. I was happy to set out a conybeare outside our garage where we assumed the coon had gained entry to our attic, but my wife wanted results fast. Enter the raccoon eviction. I did just as directed and squirted about half the bottle into a ziploc bag with a couple of small tennis balls. I got them well coated and crawled back up into the attic. I tossed them in the direction of our master bedroom trying to get them as far back as I could. We left the house to attend our sons basketball game and when we got home the coast was clear! This stuff works fast and exactly as described. This should go without saying, but wear gloves when handling this product, it stinks something awful and the smell will stick with you. This is the second time I have purchased a product through ATS and their customer service is top notch. A great Michigan company that I am happy to support and endorse. - JTH

    It Works!

    We heard lots of thumping and bumping in what sounded like our attic as we were going to bed. Knowing that raccoons are incredibly destructive once they are in your house, I ordered Raccoon Eviction promptly the next day. It arrived within 2 days and I'm pleased to report that we have had zero raccoon activity since then! It appears that the raccoons must have gotten wind of our order and vamoosed before I even had a chance to put it out.

    Impressive product that chases off raccoons without even the need to open the bottle!

    Seriously though, I'm glad we have it on hand and will apply the minute we hear additional activity. Thanks for the prompt shipment. - Mark


    I purchased this product because I had a mommy Raccoon and babies in my attic. I would hear them crying and scratching all hours of the day. I purchased this product after reading the reviews. To be honest I was skeptical but worth a try before hiring someone. I soaked 6 tennis balls and threw them around my attic and after 2 days they were GONE!! You must try this first before hiring someone! - Annie

    Had to evict Ranger Rick

    I had a family of raccoons nesting under my deck. ATS sent the Raccoon Eviction and I received it in 3 days. One day after that, the raccoons were gone. Be sure to get heavy duty gloves (and I also purchased a rubber apron), as the smell is outrageously bad. - Mike

    No more raccoon....

    I ordered the raccoon eviction oil and it was very successful ! A racoon had torn open the end of my soffit on my garage and created an opening for it to enter. My repairman was able to use a cloth rag with the oil on it and placed it in the opening. That night I heard a commotion - noise like something was trying to get in or out, and the next morning we saw evidence of movement and that something was in a hurry to leave. The end of the story is that my repairman was able to repair and close up my soffit and that is a happy ending. Thank you! - Anonymous


    This product was wonderful. I had called an exterminator and they wanted over $1000.00 to set traps and remove the raccoons. With the raccoon eviction from
    ATS they left of their own accord and was only $30.00. - BF

    Worked like a charm!

    The raccoons left the area quickly and we were able to secure the area where they had entered! - Anonymous


    Product worked beautifully. I wanted something that would move the mom and babies away without paying an arm and a leg (if at all possible) and in the most humane way possible!! This is it! Very simple to use. I would recommend all day long!!!! Also would come back to this company for any other type of product they make that I might need! Great job!!!! - Anonymous

    Product Works

    Today, it is amazing to have a product that works as advertise. This product does! Within a matter of minutes after apply the product the mother Raccoon was removing her pups from the fur down of my roof. - Mike