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About one half ounce of this product will make the female remove her family from the dwelling in less than 48 hours.  

This works great for raccoons in a chimney flue, or any other location you can't get to.

It almost always works on the first night but has not taken over two days yet.  You must enter the attic to apply this liquid.  Place the liquid on a tennis ball, then screw the ball to a large nylon piece of rope.  Toss the ball in those hard to reach places near the den and retrieve.  

Racoon ecictiin

Racoon didnt leave and it does smell bad. - Anonymous

Not successful

It didn't phase the female in our attic. We threw the tennis balls attached to the rope all around her nest. She only moved her nest over about 3 feet. She is still currently in our attic. We've had the tennis balls up there for over a week and a half. So sadly this method did not work for us. (She has babies) - Sharon B.

Raccoon Eviction

Well I got them to stop crapping on the corner of my deck but your product didn’t keep them off of my two bird feeders they still knocked them off and to the ground to eat. The other morning one raccoon was asleep in the corner of my deck and the other was inside the door of My Weber grill with the bird feeders that I hid there. I got out my pellet pistol and shot at both of the raccoons and now they have not been back for two nights. - Tom

Raccoon Eviction

So, I had some raccoons that got into my attic. They got in through my soffit. I didn’t know how many were up there and felt like they may attract if I climbed all the way in the attic so not per instructions. I just put a little raccoon eviction near my access point and hoped they would at least clear away from the area. A couple days later they were gone complexly. Great product highly recommend. - Brian

Raccoon in chimney and barn

Mother raccoon and kits nesting on flue in chimney. Applied to tennis ball on rope, dropped into chimney and played talk radio in hearth. Gone by following morning. Yay! Mission accomplished until we discovered them in our barn. Placed tennis balls in nesting area and they moved to another corner. Purchased two more ounces and placed tennis balls in strategic locations throughout barn. Worked again! Hopefully gone for good. Feeling accomplished over this humane and economical approach. No trapping and killing and saved $700. - Anonymous

Didn't Work For Me

I had, what I believe to be, a female raccoon in an inaccessible space, that had torn up the duct work to a bedroom in my house. I put some of the liquid on a tennis ball, attached a wire to the tennis ball and threaded it through a 10' stick of PVC pipe and pushed it to the inaccessible space. It seemed to agitate the raccoon and it ran away for short period (maybe just to search for food) but was right back the next day when I got off work. It seemed as though it was less interested in leaving and more interested in relocating to a different part of my attic to cause further destruction. So I called pest control and they said to block it's entry way so I did that one night at around 9 p.m. I repaired the ductwork and haven't had any issue since. It's been a little over 2 weeks. The only thing the product succeeded at doing was making everything it came in contact with, stink. - Anonymous

All it did was stink

This product did nothing, but smell terrible. We followed the directions and the raccoons are still there - Anonymous