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About one half ounce of this product will make the female remove her family from the dwelling in less than 48 hours.  

This works great for raccoons in a chimney flue, or any other location you can't get to.

It almost always works on the first night but has not taken over two days yet.  You must enter the attic to apply this liquid.  Place the liquid on a tennis ball, then screw the ball to a large nylon piece of rope.  Toss the ball in those hard to reach places near the den and retrieve.  

This works great when you can't get to the animals to remove them, or when the babies are to young to move out on their own.


Works well

Very effective. Used it twice as a trapper. Got one momma con out the same day and got a momma and three babies out the first night. Feel bad for the guy who collects this stuff! - Jrou

Always works

We are firm believers in eviction animals whenever possible. Raccoon eviction fluid works by mimicing a male raccoon is nearby. Females relocate themselves any young from the structure. Great in circumstances where pups may be inacessible, costly or otherwise not available to remove. Its another tool in our toolbox for wildlife control operators. - Jesse

Get rid of Raccoons

Product works well, some raccoons will not like it and move the babies over the next day or so - Maria

Good stuff

It tastes like it smells! Terrible! Jk. This was the strongest smelling one we have had. It works like a charm and consistently gets the job done. Great product and great service as usual. - Anonymous

Great Product!

We have been using this product over the last 2 years after using a different brand for many years. The product has a powerful odor and does an outstanding job of getting the female raccoon to remove her babies within about 3-5 days. As a pest control company that gets great results with it, we would certainly recommend Raccoon Eviction if you are having issues! - Noah Gamble

Raccoon removal

Apply the raccoon eviction fluid with a flavor injector syringe. You’re able to squirt a little bit through Sheetrock or where ever they are hiding. Squirt a little bit in area where raccoons are using to access your home or business. ? - Ron Castrillo