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Product Overview

Pro-Pell Rodent Repellent is specially formulated with different essential oils ideal for controlling rodents. Its mint odor and unique taste efficiently repel rodents around areas where there is a potential problem. 

This powerful rodent repellent is perfect to use in residential, commercial, and industrial landscape, feedlots, greenhouses, boathouses, garages, and indoor landscapes. Its oils bind to the surface and do not easily wash off, making it long-lasting. This product is proven to be a natural repellant that can cover up to almost 2,500 square feet home with just a gallon of product.  2 - 2.5 gallons per case.

How It Works:

Mice sense of smell is 2.5 times greater than a humans. They feel most comfortable when they can run along walls with their whiskers touching. This puts their nose right next to the foundation which has been sprayed with PRO-PELL. The smell forces the mice to go elsewhere preventing them from entering the structure. After PRO-PELL dries it can't be smelled by humans but can by mice for up to 60 days.

Mix 12 oz. of concentrate with 1 gallon of water.  Shake well before each use.  Apply with sprayer.  Reapply every 45-60 days.


Features and Specs

Active Ingredient  Soy Bean Oil - 24 % Peppermint Oil - 3.0 % Rosemary Oil - 3.0 % Citronella Oil - 3.0 % Putrescent Whole Egg Solids - 1.5 %
Target pests  Rodents.
For use in  Residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, research, recreational, educational, daycare, agricultural buildings, feedlots, fence lines, garages, greenhouses, sheds, outbuildings, indoor landscapes, mausoleums, boathouses, and boat docks.
Pet safe  Yes, if used as directed on label. 
Yield  One gallon covers approximately 2,500 square feet.
Special Features  Has a mint scent.
Shipping Weight  24.00 lbs
Manufacturer  Guardian Supply Company
UPC  860002834429
Best stuff ever

Best stuff ever used. I've tried 6 products i snapped a picture of this from my pest control guy. I use this in-between visits every 30 days. I spray it around the outside of my house and barn and around the inside of my garage and barn. Also around the cars I store for the winter. Never had a problem using it over the last year.its decreased the mice problem by 95% im just left with finding the holes i have missed. I guess I could move it to 25 days but it really works. I know the 2.5 gallon is a lot but it lasts me 2 years. And a 100.00 a visit from the exterminator I was able to push them out 6 months from 3 saving me 200 a year and decreasing my mouse problem even further. - 4motion

Liked it so much

I liked the 1 gallon container so much I bought the 2.5 gallon. - Nathan