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    PiGNX® is an ORGANO-REPELLENT that affects the bird's sense of touch.  It contains an ingredient processed from fruit & vegetable extracts.  

    When pigeons come into contact with PiGNX®, it causes extreme discomfort to the bird; for the birds it is like walking on HOT molten lava rocks.  This discomfort is so uninviting, annoying and disturbing to pigeons/birds; they learn not to return through negative reinforcement caused by the active agents.  

    PiGNX® is training the pigeons not to return.  

    PiGNX® will not harm the pigeons/birds other mammals.  It also works on Raccoons...

    Why Does This Get Rid of Pigeons?

    • Pigeons/Birds HATE PiGNX®
    • PiGNX® is a cost effective pigeon abatement solution.
    • PiGNX® is the only harmless bio-pesticide that changes pigeon/bird behavior so they go elsewhere keeping them away.
    • PiGNX® will not kill any migratory aviary species. Effective pigeon control.
    • How to get rid of pigeons: effectively prevents pigeons/birds from returning to roost.
    • PiGNX® does not require certified licensed personnel for application. (Unless State Required)
    • NO other product has a naturally occurring active ingredient to ward off pigeons/birds from coming back. Stops pigeon infestations.
    • Our product is safe for birds, humans and animals if direct contact is made.
    • PiGNX® is the only pigeon repellent that makes a money back guarantee.
    • PiGNX® can be cleaned up with soap and water. No mineral spirits required for clean up.

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    Bye, Bye Birdie!

    I've had various birds crapping all over my high-end glass backboard basketball hoop for years. I didn't want to put bird spikes on it and had no good options--until I found PIGNX. It's been over a month now and since I used PIGNX, there is NO bird poop on my BB hoop! I wondered how long it would last in the Phoenix heat and I can tell you after checking (and it's been over 110 degrees almost all month) PIGNX is the same consistency as when I first laid it down. I don't know what miracle concoction this stuff is made of, but it works BETTER than I expected. Yes, it's expensive but completely worth it! Also, I didn't use the entire tube initially, so I sealed the tip with plastic wrap and 3.5 weeks later I was able to put more on (only because birds had tested it and I wanted to put more where they stepped) and I saw zero loss--it came out exactly as before. I am SO pleased with this product. - Troy Blakemore