Pest-Blok Repeating Skunk Trap with XL Holding Area

  • Price $77.50 EACH

Model PBST100 is a multiple catch skunk trap with large holding area designed to catch the whole surfeit (group of skunks).

This trap was designed by Wayne Langman and has proven itself to be an excellent trap for groups of skunks with over 30 years of in the field use by professional wildlife control operators.

It is equipped with two flush mount, colony style, trap doors that allow skunks to walk in but cannot be pushed open from the inside.

It is an ideal trap for setting against a den entry under sheds, decks and other structures.

This trap also features a uv protected plastic cover over the holding area to keep trapped animals calm and also to protect the trap handler from spray after skunks have been trapped.

The trap doors are 6x6" and the holding area measures 12x24".

The trap is constructed of 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge wire mesh and overall trap size is 24L x 18W x 6H".


Repeating Skunk Trap

I first read about the Pest Block Repeating Skunk Trap in WCT magazine. I ordered one and set it for five juvenal skunks that the land owner stated the mommy skunk had been killed by a car. The next morning I had all five in the trap.

I have since used it and caught the complete family of eight and a family of six in one setting. In the past I would have set five or six traps and it would of taken days and numerous trips.

I have since ordered two additional traps. They save time and increase my profits. I am very pleased with this trap. - Anonymous