PCS Feather Light Dog Proof Raccoon and Opossum Trap

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The First Ever Cast Aluminum Dog Proof  Raccoon & Opossum Trap! Made in the USA! 

The PCS SS Feather Light Dog Proof Coon & Opossum Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful coil springs, a trigger system and a staking system.  The one piece design ensures that trap has no weak spots.

The Feather Light DP comes equipped with #2 American Made straight link chain, (2) American Made Heavy Duty in-line swivels, Stainless Steel Springs, Stainless Steel Dog, and Stainless Steel Trigger.  This is a one way pull-trigger only. 

This trap when properly baited will catch and hold any Raccoon or Opossum.


  1. Apply the bait to a cotton ball Place it below the trigger so the raccoon has to reach past the trigger to get the bait. 
  2. Once bait is applied below the trigger, set trap upon dog and trigger.  Place in ground and walk away.
  3. Anchor / Stake your PCS Feather Light Dog Proof Trap with an Ausable Brand Trap Anchor Cable Stake
  4. You'll have yourself a trapped raccoon or opossum in no time.
  5. These cast aluminum traps cannot be boiled in Lye!  The manufacturer recommends boiling in vinegar and water mix to clean traps.
It works!

The PCS Feather Light trap is a sure way to catch pesky coons. The only downside is the spring is so strong it is not easy to set. It takes STRONG hands to be able to do so. But it works! - Jan

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very good - Anonymous

dp trap

Good trap - don d

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