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OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait that interferes with the reproduction of treated birds, causing the population to decline.  This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger areas without having to resort to poisons and their associated risks.

OvoControl is approved for use in pigeons, geese and ducks.​

Registered by EPA (Reg. No. 80224-1) and approved in all 50 states, OvoControl is ideal for large areas where some pigeons can be tolerated but where a substantially reduced population is desired.  OvoControl is non-hazardous and is advocated by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Audubon and Peregrine Fund.

Baiting can begin at any time and OvoControl has been shown to have a wide margin of safety and efficacy.  Flat rooftops are the ideal area to bait pigeons.  

Pigeons breed rapidly – just five mating pairs can produce up to 400 pigeons in only two years.  Fortunately, the life-span of urban pigeons is short, limited to just 2-3 years.  When applied according to label directions, OvoControl interferes with egg hatchability.  Since no new birds are hatching, the population of birds declines naturally and continuously.  Field studies show a reduction of approximately 50%, annually.  Recently collected data at a monitored site in San Diego reflected an 88% decline over 28 months.


OvoControl® P is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons. OvoControl® P contains nicarbazin, an active ingredient originally developed to prevent an enteric disease in chickens.  Registered by EPA, OvoControl® P is currently approved for use in pigeons.


  • Nicarbazin………………………….0.5%




Because pigeons are very mobile pests, a pigeon control program based on OvoControl® P has exceptional utility in large areas where traditional bird control methods are not appropriate or cost-effective.

Baiting can begin at any time and OvoControl® P has been shown to have a wide margin of safety and efficacy.  Flat rooftops are the ideal area to bait pigeons.  No special license is required to purchase or apply the product.

Feeder sold separately.

Dosage Calculator:

  • 2 ounces of bait = 10 pigeons
  • 8 ounces of bait = 40 pigeons
  • 1 pound of bait = 80 pigeons
  • 5 pounds of bait = 400 pigeons
  • 10 pounds of bait = 800 pigeons
  • 30 pounds of bait = 2,400 pigeons