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Optical Gel Zip Mounting Kit (25pk)

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ZIP for Optical Gel™
25 zip-tie bases + 25 zip-ties.
Optical Gel™ not included

The newest member of the Optical Gel family is our transparent ZIP. Snap disks into ZIPs base, slide the included zip-tie through, and you’re ready to install Optical Gel on irregular surfaces and any tubular building feature.

Simply snap Optical Gel into our ZIP base and zip-tie to any tubular building feature. One zip-tie is included with each base.

Enhancing original Optical Gel:
• Can be placed onto the most usual places like round pipes, tree limbs, mesh grating, etc.
• No glue = no mess.
• Reposition only costs the zip-tie.
• No surface discoloration from glue.
• East to remove and reapply if the client so chooses.

Zip them to:

➤ Indoor water sprinkler systems

➤ Trees and natural surfaces

➤ Outdoor residential areas – Awnings, gazebos, etc.

➤ Commercial equipment

➤ Boat features

➤ Sensitive utilities

➤ Railings of all shapes

➤ Restaurant dining areas

➤ Outdoor retail displays