Optical Gel With Magnets (24pk) TF-BG30

  • Price $99.45 EACH

Optical Gel Mag is our traditional Optical Gel with a magnet embedded in the bottom of each disk.  24 per box.

No glue needed. Just remove the lid, place and reposition if necessary.


•  Goes without saying but installation is fast.

•  No glue needed = saves you money.

•  No glue needed = zero mess.

•  Reposition with ease.

•  No surface discoloration from glue.

•  Easy to remove and even store if client chooses to seasonally store, or for future site cleaning and maintenance.


Stick them to:

➤  Channel signs
➤  I-beam flanges
➤  Ventilation ducts
➤  HVAC units
➤  Parapet edges
➤  Equipment
➤  Square railings
➤  Billboards
➤  Street lights
➤  and any metal surface other than stainless steel or aluminum.


  • Overall Length 2"
  • Overall Width 2"
  • Overall Height 1"

Bird Barrier America proudly, and somewhat boldly, announces that Optical Gel is now covered by a two year warranty.  Based on the results of a new four-year study completed by the University of Pisa's Biology Department, Optical Gel has been determined to be 100% effective. This study was the first of its kind in the science of multi-sensory technology using bird control gel disks. Focusing on the most common pest bird worldwide, the pigeon (Columba livia), the trial has found that Optical Gel has a 100% efficacy rate in deterring birds.

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