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  • Price $39.75 EACH

Niban Kills and Prevents: Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Carpenter ants, Crickets, Earwigs, Slugs, Snails

Niban At A Glance: Weather resistant: Indoor/outdoor use: No known resistance: Specifically formulated to attract a wide variety of pests: Superior against cockroaches and crickets:

Comfort Grip refillable shaker jug: Long-lasting protection: Minimizes call backs: 5% Boric Acid active ingredient.

There’s no better professional grade, all-around bait for targeting the two most prominent invading pests you deal with: cockroaches and ants.

Niban’s new formula includes a tougher, weatherized granule that will last longer than any other on the market, providing you with a more effective kill between quarterly visits.  This is the industry’s only granular bait with the power of borates and our patented formula.  

It was formulated with a concern for the environment, it’s easy to use and it has produced amazing results since it was created. Niban targets a wide spectrum of pests and can be used both indoors and out.  That means you can spec one product more often, serving a greater variety of customers while enhancing the profitability of your business.


DESCRIPTION: NIBAN is a weather / moisture resistant Boric Acid based interior / exterior bait labeled for Ants (argentine, carpenter, thief, little black ants, pavement, odorous house, and pharoah), Cockroaches, Crickets, Silverfish, Snails and Slugs. 4 lb. shaker.

USE: Niban comes in a tip and pour bottle for easy application. We recommend applying the granules with a hand spreader for applications in large areas. Can be applied indoors and outdoors. For outdoors: apply where ants forage or in a 2-4 foot band around your home. Can be applied on lawns and in gardens. Indoors: Spread in attics, cellars, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices.

Niban's weatherized granules don't degrade from heat or sunlight and will last through four inches of rain. Niban is the one bait that will continue to work because Niban has no known resistance and is virutally odorless.

Niban kills the micro organisms in the insect's stomach and blocks enzyme production causing starvation. And since it affects none of the insect's major systems, they can't develop resistance.

Be careful of children and pets. 1 cup treats approx. 100 sq.ft. DO NOT apply residual insecticides or sprays near baits as that will deter pests from taking the bait. Always read the label!