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Nash™ Choker Loop Mole Traps

  • Price $14.95 EACH
  • Order 6 at $14.50 EACH
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    Nash™ Choker Loop Mole Traps are easy to set up and operate, with no bait needed.  They are made with galvanized steel and cast aluminum so they are rust proof, and come with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship.  And, they are safe to use around children and pets.  

    • Works for moles coming in either direction.  
    • Kills moles cleanly and quickly without bait. 
    • Moving parts underground safely away from children and pets.
    • Galvanized Spring-Steel Construction. 
    • Size 9" x 5" Wide Base. 6-1/2" High. 
    • Made in USA. Traps are Hand Assembled and Tested.

    Nash Products has been making and improving their Choker Loop Mole Trap in Southwest Michigan since 1894.  Generations of families and businesses have relied on this trap to control moles.

    Nash™ Choker Loop Mole Traps

    • Made of galvanized steel & cast aluminum
    • Rust proof
    • Lifetime warranty on parts
    • Safe for children & pets
    • No bait needed



    At Nash Products we are responsible for all phases of manufacturing and assembling the mole traps.  All parts are manufactured in house with the exception of the castings, which are manufactured in Indiana to our exact specifications.  We also box and ship from our facility.  Our hands on approach ensures a quality product whose parts are under warranty for life.


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