Multi-Catch Grey Squirrel Trap with Easy Transfer Eviction Door by Wildman Products

  • Price $50.35 EACH

Wildman Products repeating, multi-catch grey squirrel trap featuring easy transfer eviction door.

This trap features four mounting wings attached to the front of the trap to attach the trap directly over an animal entry/exit point on a structure. Squirrels can enter the repeating trap door but are unable to gain re-entry into the structure.

The back of this trap has a unique Wildman Product easy transfer door for use with WMPRC1 removal cage. The removal cage pushes into the trap allowing you to remove trapped squirrels from the trap and leave the trap mounted for more squirrels that may still be in the structure OR if all animals are out of the structure you can remove the trap from the structure without the dangers of having a moving animal inside the trap.



WEIGHT: 3 lbs

SIZE: 24 x 4 x 4

WIRE: 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge