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Mole Whacker Trap

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    The Mole Whacker Trap by Viking Product Supply is the most uncomplicated scissor mole trap design on the market. Still, it provides maximum effectiveness while allowing the trigger plate to be easily adjusted up for various soil conditions.

    Moles are voracious eaters and consume their weight in worms and grubs every day. Any healthy lawn is a goldmine of tasty delights for a mole, and once on your property, moles make a yard look like a landmine hit it! So that’s why you need our uniquely designed and highly effective Mole Whacker Trap to rid your lawn of these destructive lawn critters quickly.

    The small but efficient Mole Whacker Trap effortlessly inserts into any functioning mole run, and it’s triggered immediately by the mole as it moves through its passageway and between the Mole Whacker Trap.

    The jaws of the trap close directly onto the mole without having to close through any dirt blockage. The powerful scissor blades of the Mole Whacker Trap perform a quick, humane kill, so the mole does not suffer.