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Mole Scram Professional should be applied at the beginning of Spring and then Fall, the two highest mole activity seasons.  Moles may not exit your property when repelling them, regardless of the repellent used.  They may burrow underground up to 5 feet during drier periods when earthworm activity is deeper in the soil.  As a result, you may have to reapply in the summer if heavy rainfalls occur and bring earthworms to the surface.  

Mole Scram Pro can be used as a preventative to deter moles from entering an area not yet infested or previously cleared out.  Simply spread a 30 foot wide barrier around the property to be protected and reapply every 30 to 45 days.  22 lbs. covers approximately 15,000 sq. ft.

Mole Scram Professional is fast acting and immediately effective.  However, mole activity will appear to increase for the first 1 or 2 days after initial application as moles become immediately uncomfortable and try to dig their way away from the treated area.

  • Mole Scram is a dual-action  granular mole repellent, which is specially formulated to quickly drive moles away from your lawn and garden.
  • Mole Scram works by combining taste that moles dislike as well as a strong odor that is very mild to people but offensive to moles.
  • Our mole repellent does not kill or harm moles, it simply drives them away so that they will do no further damage to your property.
  • Mole Scram is all-natural, organic, and fully biodegradable.

Only one application to date. No immediate results known yet. - W.R Baker