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Mole Patrol is a ready to use pelleted bait designed specifically to be accepted by moles.

It blends Chlorophacinone™, a historically sound toxicant (anti-coagulant) that has performed well in field and structural baiting applications for many years.  The pellet is stabilized with Sustane™ for extended shelf life.

Elikminates moles

When one follows the directions, this product works every time. First, I identify an active run by making a hole with a 1/2 inch stick in a run, marking it with a small flag, and checking it the next day. If that hole is filled, I remake it and put about a teaspoon of Mole Patrol in the hole and cover it with a stone or dirt. I repeat this process a couple of times on that run. Mole activity stops until a new mole comes along months later which is always the case in good rich dirt in the Mississippi Valley. - Anonymous