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MIST NET 7' x 20'

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    Mist nets are used for live capture of birds in large buildings and are very effective if used correctly. 

    The nets have a 3/4" mesh that is nearly invisible to birds.  They feature three horizontal pouches and tension lines for the ideal set. 

    The nets can be suspended between poles for portability inside a facility, and can be bungee-corded to vertical supports.

    Warning: birds captured in Mist Nets must be promptly removed so they don't harm themselves. The nets are to be used only in the capture of pest birds inside facilities.


    Thickness: 110D/2ply

    Weight: 560 sq ft / lb

    Mesh (hole size): 15 x 15 mm

    Color: Black

    Material: Nylon

    Mist Net for Small Bird Capture 12' x 30' - BIRD CONTROL - FLOCK FREE


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    Mist Net 7x20

    Installed mist net to trap birds out of warehouse. Product was shipped quickly. - Anonymous

    Best Catch

    This mist net works amazing! I was able to catch over 100 invasive and destructive House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) within 4 days! Continues to reduce and maintain the invasive sparrow numbers. - D. Spaeth