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MB-750-LOS Beaver – Laminated Offset Jaw

  • Price $33.99 EACH

MB-750-LOS Beaver – Laminated Offset Jaw

Made in the U.S.A.


  • Target Species: Beaver and Otter.
  • Inside Jaw Spread: 7 1/16”
  • Outside Jaw Spread (top to bottom): 7 5/8”
  • Outside Jaw Spread (lever to lever): 7 3/8”


  • Pan dimensions: 3” x 3”
  • Chain: 4” of MB #5 Straight Link (5 total links)
  • Swivels:2 MB Crunch Proof Swivels. One off baseplate & one at end of chain
  • Total Chain Length: 8” including swivels
  • Weight:  4.29 pounds


MTP Recommendation: One of the best Beaver traps on the market and great for otter too!

* Check out these features of the MB-750 Beaver trap: 

* 7 1/16” Inside Jaw Spread, with outside laminated offset jaws.

* 4-coiled for strength, speed and stability. 

*Both jaws held down by a special trigger system preventing beaver and otter from flipping up the loose jaw. 

* Compact - extremely easy to bed in tight areas, 

* Perfect for under ice platform sets. 

* Heavy-duty frame with an additional 3/16" baseplate and D-ring. 

* Heavy #10 brass bolt and nut for easy pan tension adjustment. 

* Extra-heavy chain with MB Crunch Proof swivels at D-ring and chains' end. 

* And most important, manufactured and custom assembled by trappers. 

Made in Minnesota with pride!


What is the difference between a regular and offset jaw?
When the trap is in the fired position and you are looking straight down on the trap if the jaws touch together it is a regular or closed jaw trap. If there is a gap where the jaws meet that is called an offset jaw trap.