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MB Crunch Proof Swivels 12 pack

  • Price $7.50 EACH

The heaviest and smoothest operating swivel ever offered to the trapper. Originally designed for our custom MB-650 Coyote and Bobcat traps; however as more and more of our customers saw the swivel and wanted them on their own traps, we decided to sell them separately.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between this swivel and all the others! The body on this swivel is .105" thick. Coyotes and large dogs can’t close the Crunch Proof’s swivel body down on the J-hooks causing the swivel to freeze-up like others do.

Recommended for any animal trapped in North America. Strong enough for the toughest wolf, wolverine, bear, or mountain lion if the #6 J-hooks are welded. 

Use in-line or as a stake swivel or drowner lock.

Price is for (12 swivels).

.105" Thick Swivel Body!    Tempered #6 J-Hooks

Made in the USA

Good swivels.

These swivels are easy to use. The J s wentvright in every hole with no problems. No drilling or aligning required. - John