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Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call - Muskrat Lure / Scent 4oz.

Muskrats really go for this powerful and unique aroma of intensely sweet aromatics, essential oils, muskrat musk, and a remarkable secret ingredient used by no other lure maker!  Once you see the results of this totally waterproof, thick paste lure you will never trap without it!  We have received thousands of testimonials on this fantastic lure!  Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call It's an amazing Raccoon lure too!  Try it, you'll love it!

Suggested Instruction for catching Muskrat with Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call - Lure / Scent: 

Apply a quantity of lure the size of a large bean back and above the trap.  Where Muskrat are feeding or passing nearby, a good set is to scratch up a small pile of earth at water’s edge and lay 2 or 3 small bright twigs or roots across the pile for visibility.  Muskrat lure is placed just back of the pile.  Not for human consumption.

Made with pride by John Chagnon using old family secret formulas and techniques created by Asa and Herb Lenon.  "Serving Trappers Since 1924"

Muskrat "All Call" Set by Herbert Lenon

After locating where muskrat feed or pass closely by the water's edge, choose your place or places for set or sets.

In selecting the place, give thought to the prevailing direction of the wind which is usually West to North in fall, so where it can be easily done, set traps up wind from where the animal feeds or passes by.

To make the set dig or chop out a V shape place in the bank at water's edge, this V should be about six inches wide at the water's edge, 10 inches long or back in the bank.  At the point of the V place Lenon's Muskrat All Call Lure by dipping a twig into the scent , quantity size of a bean is right, press the twig into the ground firmly in upright position, scent 4 inches above the ground.  Back of the scent lay 2 or three bright roots, apple, carrot or parsnip peel to give visibility and eye appeal.

Set the trap in the mouth of the V, a bit to one side, not exactly in the center, small twigs may be used a t sides of V if desired as guides. If a stop loss type trap is used it may be set in an inch or two of water; if common traps are used, and a hind foot catch is desirable, trap should be under five inches of water.

Complements of Herbert Lenon, Founder of Lenon Lures 


Had a rat in pond that was being difficult and a little dab of this on the trap and two days later gottem. Great stuff! - Huntsman Wildlife