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Lenon's Fox #3 Natures Call - Lure / Scent - 4oz.

A premium mixture of Red Fox glands and enhanced female secretions are liquefied into a remarkable natural type lure. All natural passion and curiosity ingredients are added to really bring fox into the set! Developed for maximum results in any season at a flat, blind or scent post set. This lure will also add enormous appeal at dirt hole sets when used in combination with your favorite bait. This is a distinctly different odor that attracts fox in a big way!

Suggested Instruction for catching Red and Grey Fox with Lenon's Fox Nature's Call - Lure / Scent:

At scent post or flat sets, sprinkle 20 drops on a clump of grass, tiny stump or tree, in hollow knots or any projection that is visibly outstanding in an open area.  Use 30 drops in rainy or sub zero weather.  Using tiny bottles or wooden plugs as lure holders protects the lure form the weather.  Not for human consumption.

Made with pride by John Chagnon using old family secret formulas and techniques created by Asa and Herb Lenon.  "Serving Trappers Since 1924"

Red or Grey Fox "Natures' Call" Set by Herbert Lenon

After locating a place where the animal pass regularly, select a spot of sand, fine needles or thoroughly rotted wood that is up wind from approach to the spot is level and smooth.  Kneel on your kneeling cloth and carefully scrape off the surface material, place it to one side, then dig the trap bed and bed the trap carefully and firmly so it sets three fourth inch below level.  Now cover the trap with the most mellow earth from the trap bed, and finish covering with the surface material you have laid aside, all must look just as before you disturbed it.  Now you are ready to place your "Post" which is also your scent container, this "Post:" may be a hollow knot in the North woods, a hollow bone or horn in the cattle and sheep range or a foot long piece of of corn stalk in or near corn fields, whatever looks natural.  Press this object firmly into the earth at a 45 degree angle with the hollow end pointing out toward and over the trap.  Pour 10 to 20 drops of Lenon's Nature Call Lure / Scent in the hollow end so protected form rain.  The end of point of the "post" should be 10 inches back of and up wind from the trap pan, 3 inches to right or left of center line.  Very small stones, pieces of bark, tiny twigs or whatever is native and natural may be placed just each side of trap jaws if desired for guides; all must look natural.

Compliments of Herbert Lenon, Founder of Lenon Lures