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Kritter Caps® are the perfect fit to install in Vinyl-Sided Corner Caps where rodents, bats, insects, and other pests like to travel. They basically snap into place so no tools are necessary.  They are self-secured (dab of silicone caulk optional) and are completely hidden once installed.  

One package contains 10 Kritter Caps®​.

They are translucent in color.  Orange shown for display purposes only.  Stop stuffing with copper mesh and foam, start using Kritter Caps for a professionally finished appearance.

These simple-to-use plastic inserts will help prevent:

  • Mice and other rodents crawling up the corner caps and potentially accessing the attic space.
  • Infestation of Bees, Wasps, and other stinging insects.
  • Dogs destroying corner caps while chasing after rodents.
  • Cold weather drafts that drive up heating costs.






Stop Mice & Rats

An open corner posts give mice and rodents direct access to your attic. Scratching in the night is an indication that you have mice in the attic. Mice chew on wires causing unsafe wiring. Mice leave lots of droppings and urine which causes odor and ceiling spots. Did you know that mice and rats chew on the wiring because the wire jacket can contain vegetable oils?


Stop Bees & Hornets

Insect infestation is a serious concern for many home owners. It can be very destructive and costly to correct. The Kritter Caps® can help prevent a variety of insects, such as bees and wasps from entering your corner post and establishing nest sites in your home. Our corner post inserts will save you money , time and the hassle of fixing other forms of damage repair. They’re so cost effective, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO PROTECT YOUR HOME!


Stop Chipmunks

Chipmunks nest in attics because it is great shelter and plentiful sources of food. Since they spread around their urine and feces, chipmunks expose house residents to unpleasant smells and various diseases. Chipmunks can also gnaw on wooden beams, insulation, and wires. This can cause structural issues and increase the risk of electrical fire. Stop them from ever entering the attic with the Kritter Cap® .


Stop Snakes

Snakes in the attic are the "SILENT INTRUDER" that many people are unaware of. Snakes will occupy a home for food and shelter as the main reason with food being THE REASON the snakes are there. So with every snake in the attic, there is a rodent problem that will go right along with it. Snakes can't be stopped by many usual pest control solutions. The only thing that can positively stop snakes from going up through the corner post of your house is Kritter Caps®.

Kritter Caps

Fast, friendly service. Super quick shipping! - Todd T.

Kritter Caps are awesome

We love this product! - Maria

Kritter Caps (10) pk

I called John at Animal Traps om Monday am and the 10 pk of Kritter Caps was delivered Tuesday am to my house. They easily installed into the bottom corners of my vinyl sided home. Very easy to install and will prevent mice from entering into my attic via the home corners. I definitely recommend this product via Animal Traps & Supplies. - James

Great product

The Kruger caps solved my problem. Once I got the mouse or chipmunk out of my attic I put the caps on and no more pests ! I would definitely recommend them. - Anonymous

Kritter caps

These are money - Anonymous

kritter caps

When you consider the issue that vinyl siding allows for rodent access to your home Kritter Caps should be a standard install on every job. It was a google question born of a certain desperation that led me to your product. Very easy to install. I suppose a mouse might still find his way in but he aint getting in through the siding corners. - mark

Easy to use

Super fast shipping and product is exactly what I needed. Highly recommend. Wish it was sold as a set of four, personally. But I loved it for my home so I gave the excess to family. - Kritter caps