Koro #2 Double Spring Body Grip Trap

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Koro #2 Double Spring Body Grip Trap 

The Koro #2 is designed to work without the use of a bait box and it is able to hang off of trees with ease.  It can be used inside a bait box, or without a box enclosure.  Can be anchored both vertically or horizontally. The Koro #2 can be used on the ground or in a tree

Your bait will be in the proper position thanks to the safety pin that is directly behind the wooden pan for anchoring your bait.

Target Species: Raccoon, Fisher, 

Dimensions: 7.5" x 8" spring steel - made in Canada

Certified by the Fur Institute of Canada, and is certified in Canada by the International Humane Trap Standards committee.

The Koro #1 and Koro #2 body grip trap was the 2nd design of Koro line. There have been some upgrades along the way, but quality has stayed true. The Koro #1 measures 6.5” x 7”. The Koro #1 frame is made of .250 dia. spring steel for years of use without bending up. The Koro #1 springs are made in house of .218 music wire. The Koro #2 measures 6.5” x8” is also made of .250 spring steel for years of use. The Koro #2 is equipped with .250 dia. music wire springs made in house.

Both the Koro #1 and Koro #2 come equipped with a bait trigger attached to the pan for your bait and they are also equipped with slotted holes on the pan bracket so the trap can be hung from a tree with nails or screws. The Koro #1 and Koro #2 are designed for use without a bait box, but a bait box can be used with both traps.

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