Koro #1 Double Spring Body Grip Trap

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KORO #1 Double Spring Body Grip Trap  

The Koro #1 is designed to work without the use of a bait box and it is able to hang off of trees with ease.  It can be used inside a bait box, or without a box enclosure.  Can be anchored both vertically or horizontally. The Koro #1 can be used on the ground or in a tree

Your bait will be in the proper position thanks to the safety pin that is directly behind the wooden pan for anchoring your bait.

Target Species: Marten, Mink, Groundhog, Fisher

Dimensions: 6.5" x 7" spring steel - made in Canada

Certified by the Fur Institute of Canada, and is certified in Canada by the International Humane Trap Standards committee.

Double spring, bodygrip trap is A.I.H.T.S. certified for capturing Marten, but also works extremely well on mink, woodchucks, and skunks. This trap now comes fitted with a wooden pan which has shown to greatly increase the animals commitment to the trap, versus stepping on a steel pan. This is a multi-purpose trap and can be used with a bait box on the ground or in a tree.

There are two "keyhole" anchor points conveniently located on the rear of the trap for anchoring the trap, both in a horizontal and vertical position. 

This trap has folds up compactly for ease of storage and transport on the trapline.


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