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Ketch All Catch Poles are used to rescue and restrain both domestic and wild animals, mainly used on dogs of all sizes however, it can be successfully used on many other animals e.g raccoons, cougars, reptiles etc.  

The standard 5' Ketch-All Catch Pole is reliable and easy to use.

The animal control poles (Ketch-All poles) and other products are used by animal control agencies, humane societies, zoos, veterinarians, and other professionals, throughout the world.


Instructions for Operating Standard Ketch-All Poles

  1. Pull excess cable from storage hole at upper end of Ketch-All. With one hand, hold grip #2 toward middle of pole, and with your free hand, pull back on release knob #1, allowing cable to gradually slip forward through the palm and fingers. This prevents the end of the cable from whipping, and allows the other end to automatically form a loop, which is ready to use. 
  2. Place the loop over the animal’s head or other part of body. 
  3. Pull the end of the cable behind the release knob. This tightens the loop around the animal, with the cable locking automatically as it is drawn in. 
  4. To release the loop, merely pull back on release knob as in operation number one. (If too much tension is applied to loop, the cable may fail to release. For best results, do no pull back on pole while attempting to release cable.)
catch pole

I used my new catch pole on 11-9 18 on big boar coon work great money well spent - Jim U.

Ketch-all pole 5’

Very quick shipping and was exactly what I was looking for - Anonymous