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Ketch-all 5' Replacement cables

  • Price $28.50 EACH

Extend the life of your Ketch-All Pole by installing new cables.  Over time, you may find the need to replace the cable on your Ketch-All Pole.  These components will allow you to continue to use your ketch pole for many years.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPAIR OF ALL KETCH-ALL POLES (Refer to Ketch-All Parts List for Part Numbers)

1. release knob 2. grips
3. tubing
4. chuck

5. toothguard
6. allen set screw (only on older poles)

To Remove Cable:

7. head lock ring
8. collar
9. head
10. steel cable
16. release knob lock washer (no longer necessary)

17. cage lock ring

18. step washer
19. compression spring
20. cage
21. 9/32 ball bearings
22. chuck ring (ext. pole only) 23. hair guard


  1. Remove large lock ring #7 located behind collar #8.

  2. Pull collar #8 back toward rear of pole until head #9 is exposed. (Note: it may be

    necessary to slide tooth-guard #5 back in order to pull collar back)

  3. Remove head #9, which is right hand thread, leaving collar #8 on pole.

  4. When head #9 is free, pull release knob #1 back and hold in this position (we suggest

    using vice grips) while pulling cable out through the other end of pole.

  5. Pull cable spring from hair guard #23.

To Install Cable:

  1. Insert ball of cable through hair guard #23 (which should be attached to head shank #9), running cable through until hair guard #23 meets cable spring.

  2. Screw hair guard #23 into cable spring. The cable is now ready to install.

  3. Insert cable through tubing #3, pulling back on release knob #1 to allow cable to pass

    through locking device.

  4. Screw head onto end of pole.

  5. Insert cable ball in groove or track in head #9

  6. Pull collar #8 over head and cable ball, and replace lock ring #7. IF APPLICABLE: replace set screw #6.

To Disassemble Locking Devise:


  1. Pull back on release knob #1, turning it until hole in tubing lines up with hole in cage #20.

  2. Insert ice pick or nail through holes, thus keeping locking device from turning.

  3. Remove release knob #1, which is a right hand thread. There should be a lock washer

    #16 inside release knob.

  4. Remove: lock ring #17, step washer #18, compression spring #19, cage #20 and three ball

    bearings #21.

To Replace Head:

To replace head, follow steps under headings: To Remove Cable and To Install Cable above. You will damage about on inch of cable spring when you pull the old head off. This should be cut off to enable you to screw the new hair guard into the part of the spring that remains intact.

Instructions for Care:

When the pole is not in use for long periods of time, do not leave loop tightly drawn. Leave loop about 1⁄2 open thus taking tension off cable spring. Lubricate cable and other working parts occasionally with light machine oil through the hole at the top of release knob. Manufactured in the U.S.A., the Ketch-All pole is made of only high quality materials and with proper care, should provide long and useful service.