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Jameson's Ultra Call - Long Distance Predator Call

  • Price $25.00 EACH

Ultra Call  L.D.C.(Long Distance Predator Call)  This is a top shelf  lure when it comes to pure robust calling power. Skunk and Civet musk is the obvious carrier but "Ultra Call L.D.C." also has five other food and curiosity agents that serve to make this predator call a true blended scent that has resulted in a distinct dominant call lure.

Unlike some L.D.C. lures that are primarily skunk essence in a base this multi level blend makes "Ultra Call" effective in the fall as well as in late winter.

The underlying food odors make all the difference.

Use directly at the set or elevated to increase the down wind calling potential. The base holds all the blended odors in tune together very nicely.

Deadly on canines, cats and fisher.