Jameson's Terminator Food Call

  • Price $25.00 EACH

Terminator (Food Call) For early to late season trapping this proven canine food call lure is top shelf all the way.

Bold and full bodied by nature I laced it with just enough sweet skunk that allows this lure to hold fast and provide a constant emission of odor from your set. It will continue to work long after other products have played out.

One of my favorites for coyotes and cats in January and February because it holds a steady scent trail long into those windy and frigid nights. When you experience the effects of this scent on the line you will see why I named it Terminator!!!! 

One hard working trapper Kevin Wells,Ms.took 66 cats on this lure alone the winter of (2007-08) !!! Thats an impressive testimonial for this product as a stand alone.