Jameson's Nutcracker Squirrel Bait

  • Price $8.00 EACH

This fortified paste bait spells "lunch time" for all species of squirrels and nut eating rodents.

"Nutcracker" is a rich "nut flavored" blend of the squirrel's favorite food stuffs, all put up in one unique bait. 

Just smear some bait on a few walnut shells or a handful of acorns for eye appeal.  Place scented nuts in back of your cage trap so they can easily be seen by any traveling squirrel. The "sweet nutty" fragrance of "Nutcracker" will do the rest.

It's very durable and weatherproof. 

A great all season bait.

Full of seeds and nuts.

This is the finest squirrel bait available.

It is edible.

Good squirrel bait

Product is good. It holds up to weather. It has an attractive odor. It sticks nicely to pinecones or walnut shells. Good alternative to peanutbutter. - Anonymous