Jameson's Magnum Cat - Long Distance Cat Call

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Magnum Cat L.D.C.  (Long Distance Cat Call)  A good blend of slightly aged "anal and reproductive cat glands", fresh winter cat pee, a good spike of skunk, the right blend of northern castor plus a few other things make for a supreme formula for the serious cat trapper.

"Magnum Cat L.D.C." is a solid first class lure that has a real strong presence at a set. There isnt much left out of this scent and it has a built in anti dryout base to make it last longer.

It does possess the right blend of ingredients that can turn a frequent finicky cat when it catches the scent drift from this lure.

This heavy lure can be used directly at the set or up high (on a tree limb, post, rimrock, etc.) to increase it's down range calling potential. Cats will rub this scent if applied in such a way as to allow this.

Fox and coyotes really dig up hole sets where Magnum Cat  L.D.C. has been used.

This one has become one of our best selling cat lures.Magnum Cat holds very well in cold temps and leaves a good residual presence long after its application which makes it an exceptional lure choice for cold weather use.