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Jameson's Big 4 Lure

  • Price $25.00 EACH

Big 4 (Curiosity Lure) This fine lure features a sweet musky blend of mink, beaver castor, a sweet urine spike and some fresh spring rat glands put up in an emulsified food signal base.

This lure is certainly a universal attractor comprised from all of the known key gland ingredients. I have found that it will call any predator from coyotes to mink and everything in between. If you really want a lure that will do it all then "Big 4" would be my choice. It is a true standout early and mid season lure which is a true multi sensory attractor. 

Big 4 is a very hot bobcat lure both in walk thru, projection and scratch pile type sets.

Big 4 lure

Awsome - Matthew Boge