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Insect Armor

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    HY-GUARD EXCLUSION® Vent Screens with Insect Armor™

    IAVG0416G  |  IAVG0816G


    Made in the USA from galvanized steel, Soffit Vent Screens with InsectArmor™ have all the wildlife exclusion capabilities of our classic Soffit Vent Screens with added pest protection! Seal out bats, raccoons, squirrels, stink bugs, wasps, bees, and more from your attic and soffit vents.

    Pioneering Exclusion Solutions for Over 75 Years™

    Product Description

    These screens feature our familiar 18-gauge ⅜” galvanized steel mesh welded and hemmed inside a 1” laser-cut galvanized steel frame. The added 1.6 mm steel mesh maintains proper soffit venting while excluding even small insects. The galvanized steel frame features pre-drilled ¼” holes for tight, secure installation. These screens’ frames also come with an adhesive foam mounting strip that binds to common home exterior materials to provide a firm, temporary hold, making installation much simpler. Available in 4” x 16” and 8” x 16” sizes, they’re designed to mount over common soffit vent sizes

    1.6 mm InsectArmor™

    Fine mesh keeps bees, wasps, stink bugs, and other insects from nesting in your attic and soffit vents.

    18-Gauge ⅜” Galvanized Steel Mesh

    Thicker-gauge mesh seals out raccoons, squirrels, bats, and more nuisance wildlife while still promoting proper venting.

    Made in the USA

    Each Soffit Vent Screen with InsectArmor™ is made in St. Louis, Missouri by skilled welders and metal fabricators.

    Easy Installation

    Adhesive foam mounting strip temporarily binds to install location, allowing screws to be drilled in with ease.


    • Made in the USA
    • One-Piece Laser-Cut Galvanized Steel Frame
    • Frame Features Pre-Drilled ¼” Holes for Secure Installation
    • Frame Comes with Adhesive Foam Mounting Strip to Simplify Installation Process
    • Welded 18-Gauge ⅜” Expanded Galvanized Steel Mesh
    • 1.6 mm Steel InsectArmor™ Mesh
    • Available Sizes: 4” x 16” and 8” x 16”
    • Available with White, Gray, or Black Powder Coat Paint Finish
    • Available as Single Units or in 6-Packs
    • 7-Year Limited Warranty*
    • Provides a Clean, Professional Wildlife Exclusion Solution™

    *Excludes Installations within 25 Miles of a Saltwater Coast