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Iguana Scram professional 8lb

  • Price $72.00 EACH

Stop Iguana Damage
& Infestation

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  • Works by offensive taste and smell to iguanas
    (the common green iguana reptile in southern states)

  • Stops plant & lawn damage

  • Works in ALL Seasons - Fast acting

  • All Natural & Environmentally Safe

  • Won't harm reptiles, plants, people or pets

  • Easily Applied - No Mixing required


Iguana Scram™ is our addition to the Scram family of Repellents. It is designed specifically to stop and then prevent damage caused by iguanas. It has been proven by professional landscapers and pest control operators to be both highly effective and long lasting. Iguana Scram™ is an all natural product that contains no chemicals and is a low cost solution to rid your property of unwanted iguanas.

The green iguana is an herbivore that grazes on young vegetal shoots, hibiscus and other flowers, shrubs, trees, orchids, figs, mangos, berries & tomatoes. Their feces is found in or around water (a backyard swimming pool is perfect). They breed and lay eggs often in great numbers. Their nest-burrowing digs up yards, undermines sidewalks, sea walls, and building foundations.

Iguana Scram™ - Helping Endangered Species Naturally! The Florida Keys area where the endangered Miami Blue is struggling to re-colonize, in part due to pesticides, the iguanas area feeding on the nickerbean leaves which Miami Blues uses to lay their eggs which contributes in driving the butterfly into extinction. Although the iguanas are too well established in Florida to be eradicated, Iguana Scram™ can help control and exclude them on a local scale.