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HY-C 8" Plastic DVG (code compliant)

  • Price $13.00 EACH

     HY-GUARD EXCLUSION’S® Code Compliant Plastic Dryer Exhaust VentGuards™ offer a simple, economic way to keep birds, squirrels, and other nuisance wildlife out of your dryer vent. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colorways, they cover most dryer vent and match the aesthetics of any home.

8” Model with Easy-Open Front

Hinged front plate closely securely with plastic clips and opens to allow for regular vent maintenance.

The 8” models cover 6” vents. These covers’ vertical bars are code-compliant and help to prevent lint buildup, dryer fires, and wildlife entry while promoting proper venting.

  • Vertical Bars are Code-Compliant
  • Cover Protects against Lint Buildup, Dryer Fires, and Wildlife Entry
  • 6” Model Features Easy On/Off Keyhole-Style Attachment Points
  • 6” Model Fits up to 4” Vents
  • 8” Model Features Easy-Open Front Panel that Closes Securely with Plastic Clips
  • 8” Model Fits up to 6” Vents
  • Available in White, Tan, and Brown Colorways
  • Provides a Clean, Professional Wildlife Exclusion Solution™