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HARDWARE CLOTH 1/4"x48"x100'

  • Price $290.00 EACH

Wire cloth, also known as wire mesh or wire fabric, is renowned for its remarkable versatility.  The distinguishing characteristic of wire mesh is the matrix of wires that are arranged at 90-degree angles.

Welded galvanized hardware cloth is manufactured with a hot-dip galvanization process that applies a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. This makes galvanized hardware cloth a great choice for outdoor applications to minimize damage from exposure to moisture and other elements.  This light gauge product is frequently used for outdoor fencing, building and construction applications, pest control solutions and more.

Hardware cloth has an unlimited number of applications around the home, business, or farm.


  • Standard 1/4 inch Hardware cloth.
  • For gutters, funnel traps, soffits, and more.
  • Controls snakes, birds, reptiles, bats, shrews, mice, moles, voles and animals that like to dig.
  • Our rodent eviction cloth is an excellent choice for closing off gaps in construction where rats, mice, bats, large insects and other animals can enter structures.


  • Galvanized After Welded Steel Mesh
  • Heavy Galvanizing
  • Pest contol: GophersSnakesMice, etc. 
  • Outdoor Quality

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