HAGz Bracket 12PK.

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    The HAGz Bracket is a Multi Use Trap Stabilizer, Stake Swivel and Slide/Drowner lock all in one compact device. The HAGz Bracket was primarily designed for Mink, Marten, Raccoon and Muskrat Trapping but is being used on traplines around the globe for all sorts of quarry. Due to the versatility of the HAGz Bracket, we GUARANTEE you will find new setting opportunities in and out of water.

    HAGz Bracket Details

    • Multi Use - Stabilizer, Stake Swivel and Slide/Drowner Lock 
    • Stabilizes Coil, Jump and Long Spring Foot Hold Traps - Designed for 1.5 foot holds and smaller 
    • (1)Fits Trap Frame Ends less than .129 thickness and .75 width (almost all 1.5 traps).  Larger frame ends will work with minor filing. 
    • Attaches with a J-Hook (not included)
    • Works on 3/8" smooth rods (fiberglass or steel)
    • Weighs 1.36 Oz.  and measures roughly 2.5"x1"
    • PATENTED: US Patent 9,565,850 
    • Made in USA
    • 12 per bag.

    HAGz Bracket Benefits

    • Improves efficiency.
    • Always ATTACHED to your TRAP! (Replaces Terminal Swivel)
    • Set traps in places previously not possible
    • Can be used as an 'adjustable' height set on 3/8" Rods.
    • No Rods? No problem! Can be attached horizontally or vertically to virtually any object. 
    • Simply wire, nail, screw, staple, etc. the bracket firmly in place to any object, set your trap and go!
    • Multiple holes and slots for plenty of options to run your preferred fastener through.
    • Some object examples are a on Sticks, Bamboo, Logs, Rocks, Floats, etc.
    • Can also be welded  
    • Small and non-intrusive

    How the HAGz Bracket Works

    1. Attach Bracket to trap chain using a J-Hook (not included)
    2. To use as a Stabilizer:
      1. Mount HAGz Bracket to 'object' 
        - Adjustable Depth with 3/8" Rods 
        - Adjustable Depth with a Stick/Bamboo/etc 
        - Fixed Position on log, drain tile, rock, etc.
      2. Insert trap frame end into appropriate slot in HAGz Bracket to stabilize your Trap
      3. When a catch is made, trap falls free of bracket.
    3. To use as a Stake Swivel:
      1. Insert up to 1/2" rebar/ t-bar through large center hole
      2. When a catch is  made, the HAGz Bracket will swivel around the rebar stake
    4. To use as a Slide/Drowner Lock:
      1. Run wire/cable through small hole on "USA" side of HAGz Bracket. (USA stamp should be towards set)
      2. When a catch is made, the HAGz Bracket will slide down the wire/cable and the 'locking action' will prevent it from coming back up the cable.