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  • Price $17.95 EACH


Sizes are listed height first and width second.

Type-B (4x3 and 3x2) are only manufactured in white.

Your drainage system may be effective at redirecting water and preventing water damage to your house, but it gives the perfect access to your home for tiny unwanted intruders. Rodents can cause all sorts of problems; from structural and electrical damage to contaminating your living spaces. Cutting off all access points to your home is crucial for keeping these pests out of your home. We have created a simple and extremely effective solution: GutterGate.

GutterGate is the downspout accessory that keeps all unwanted critters away from your drainage system. GutterGate provides a permanent solution to protecting your drainage system from pests such as hornets, snakes, mice, & other rodents. This simple product acts as the gatekeeper to keep these prowlers out of your drainage system. In addition to keeping things out, it also maximizes water flow, prevents soil erosion, and foundation issues that can cause costly repairs. The seamless and clean design also adds a sleek finishing touch to your downspouts.

GutterGate is not only functional but it also adds a clean crisp look to your gutter system. Each product has a sleek finished style that is available in standard 30 degree white with more color options coming soon. The textured matte exterior allows for easy color customization and the UV inhibitor will prevent discoloration from the sun’s harsh rays. GutterGate is the perfect finishing touch to any downspout for both functionality and appearance.

You will never have to worry about any damage or malfunction of your GutterGate because it comes with a lifetime warranty. GutterGate is proudly made in the USA. Installing GutterGate couldn’t be easier. Anyone will be able to install their GutterGates quickly and easily to the ends of each of all your downspouts and not have to worry about them again as they do their job perfectly.

Lifetime Warranty!


No Metal Features

No metal features are used making it completely rust free.

UV Inhibitor

The materials used are protected from discoloration from harsh UV rays.

Recessed Door

Designed to take >200" of rainfall and maximizes water flow.

Recessed Hinges

Prevents debris buildup from happening.