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GT608 - Neighborhood Cats "Big Cat" Gravity Trap

  • Price $117.95 EACH

     Introducing the new "Big Cat" Gravity Trap from Tomahawk Live Trap, with all the great features of our original Gravity Trap but a larger size providing more room for bigger cats.  This trap measures 36L x 12W x 12H.  When a cat steps on the trip plate, the front door drops by using gravity - no springs are involved.  This makes the trap quieter than spring-loaded models and virtually eliminates any risk of injury to a cat or kitten from the falling door. Unlike other gravity traps on the market, the front door locks automatically!  No clips or carabiners needed, no chance of the door opening if the trap accidentally rolls over. And, unlike other brands, you don't need three hands to set the trap - just lift the single rod connecting the front door rings with one hand and lift the door with the other.  The “Easy Release” rear door is recessed 1” and protected by ¼” reinforcing rods to prevent damage to the door and door slides.  Plus, the rear door has an attached lock, so once again, no extra clips needed!  Another advantage of our gravity trap is the trigger rod rests against the side of the trap out of harm's way, removing the chance trapped cats can hurt themselves on protruding rods or wires.  And our traps are clipped together at the seam with heavy duty clips rather than hog rings to provide additional strength. 

The Gravity Trap also includes all the great TNR features found on our other Neighborhood Cats traps: Extra-Large trip plates to prevent cats from stepping over the plate and stealing bait without setting off the trap; large hand guards to prevent handlers from getting scratched and also convenient for labels; a guillotine-style rear door that allows easy baiting of the trap as well as safe and easy transfer or release of captured cats and; double handles to improve stability when carrying a trapped cat.

These traps are built to last a lifetime and come powder coated at no additional charge. The larger size will accommodate bigger cats.  This trap also provides more room for cats recovering from surgery. 

Please note that powder coating on traps can chip off where parts rub or move against each other.  Periodic maintenance to your powder coated trap will extend the life of your trap and ensure its best performance. Touch up any bare metal spots with gloss spray paint if the powder coating has chipped off.