Green Hornet Trap 12"x8"x8"

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  • Reg Price $90.50

The Green Hornet Trap, manufactured In Dayton, Ohio, uses the best available materials and components on the market. Designed through years of field testing, research, and development The Green Hornet Trap guarantees the highest rate of success in humane dispatch of the animal. Powder Coated for years of durability, The Green Hornet Trap guarantees success on your wildlife control routes.

Green Hornet Trap – The Best Positive Set Trap In The US – The Perfect Solution For Trap Shy Animal Pests

Price : $75.95 plus s/h

Box Size: 12″ x 8″ x 8″

Weight Per Box: 3.50 lbs.


The Green Hornet Trap – The Most Humane Conibear Trap

Our trap, a “body gripping trap”, also goes by the names of “kill trap” and “conibear trap.” The word “conibear” received its name from the trap’s Canadian inventor Frank Conibear.

Wildlife Control Experts consider the conibear traps one of the best trapping innovations of the twentieth century. But why are they so popular?


The conibear traps are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Also, they quickly and humanely kill the animal once the trap activates. They’re designed to close around the animal’s. Also, they close with  enough force to quickly kill the animal. Doing so reduces the chances of it suffering. Furthermore, the Green Hornet Trap sets the highest standards for conibear traps. These standards include efficient performance, humane trapping and ease of use.

For a deeper understanding of the conibear trap please read this article by Dr. Stephen M. Vantassel. The articles valuable insight being “Using body-gripping traps to control wildlife … the tried and true techniques for wildlife control operators (WCOs). Being able to set a trap over the burrow and let the animal pass through and get caught dramatically increases efficiency of the trapping. In addition, no bait is required so you save money and reduce the potential for catching non-target animals.”

Furthermore, for more insights on euthanasia of animals go to AVMA Guidelines  for the Euthanasia  of Animals.


Very robust. Worked great for me. - Anonymous