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  • Price $99.95 EACH

Kit includes:  Gotcha sprayer pro adaptor, powder duster, angled scraper and 17" hard sided protective carrying case.


The Nest Scraper is perfect for removing wasp nests or hornet nests or to knock down those Paper Wasp nests after you've sprayed them. 

It's great for scraping off those ugly Mud Dauber nests. 

The 3-inch blade is made of heavy-duty steel integrated with a plastic handle. 

Use by hand or on the end of an extension pole. 

The Nest Scraper has an internal threaded handle that only works with extension poles with a standard American threaded tip.


The Gotcha Sprayer is the perfect way to spray aerosol cans from a extension pole.  Simply insert a can of aerosol spray, attach the Gotcha Sprayer to an extension pole (each sold separately) and you're ready to spray. 

The Gotcha Sprayer will work with any standard aerosol spray can.  The Gotcha Sprayer can attach to extension poles up to 24ft long to reach those high eaves.  No more climbing on ladders or telling the customer you can't reach those high peaks.  It can be angled to reach under decks without having to crawl in the dirt or getting trapped in tight spaces.

The entire body of the Gotcha Sprayer Pro is molded from a stronger material now, so the lever has extra strength for dusting, we've eliminated the friction between the pull string and the body for dusting, and the strap that holds the aerosol/duster has a new formulation as well.


Use this duster with your Gotcha Sprayer attachment to apply dusts in high places. 

Attach to any length pole and apply to stinging insect nests where needed.