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Single traps are available to expand coverage area for large properties or heavy infestation, but do not include the necessary wedge and probe tool.  Purchase a trapping set first, wedge & probe required for proper use.

With the GopherHawk trap, approach trapping and removal from a new prospective.  Add to your effectiveness with multiple traps, eliminate all the pest at once and cover every possible tunnel.

gopherhawk trap

works great - Anonymous

Works awesome

Was recommended these by our USDA rep, If you're looking for an alternative to traditional gopher traps these are a no brainer... I'm able to cover 4x as much ground in an average day with these and with a much higher success rate. Highly recommend! - Anonymous

Gopher Killer Delux

I am on my way to becoming a Triple Ace! I have 14 Gophers bagged in two weeks. My main weakness is the very small ones with smaller holes harder to find.
:Dr. Walt - Dr. W.

Gopher Killer Delux

I have 20 gophers in my first month!!! - Dr. W.

Best Mechanical Traps EVER!

Easy to set and place. Very effective and humane. Can be re-used multiple times before the springs wear out. - C. V.


Easy to use and all the neighbors rave about them too. - Anonymous

Best gopher trap ever made

Bought a few of these at local feed store. They worked so well I bought 20 from you! Will most likely be back for even more of them. Great Product - Alex


A very effective product. Easy to use. You can even go online and watch videos of where best to set up the trap. Get one full package and order extra traps as needed. Currently I am using 11 traps and over the weekend caught over a dozen gophers. Also good for moles but that is not my current problem. - Anonymous

Gopher Hawk

The GopherHawk is the best mole trap of all. I will only use your product as it is extremely effective.
Thank you,
I'm a happy customer.
Tony Z. - Tony Z.

Works great

These work great. We use them to catch moles. Bought 3. Have caught 5 moles so far. - KenC

Best trap ever!

I have used every rodent trap including gas methods, poisons, flooding holes with water, gopher blaster, special blowers, clincher traps and more and the gopherlawk trap surpasses them all...Really..
It works for gophers, moles and voles with equal success...Great invention as these rodents cost me thousands of dollars in hill side erosion repairs..
I should get a commission for convincing many stores to carry your traps and for many friends to buy them...Good news does travel...
Thank you, thank you, thank you... - Mark

GopherHawk Traps

This is an excellent product. This is the 2nd set of gopher traps that I purchased. I've been eradicating the gophers from my lawn for about 3 months and now I haven't had anything for a couple of weeks. Animal Traps and Supply was an easy purchase. They said there was a backorder but I still got it in a decent time. I would purchase from this supplier again without hesitation. - Anonymous

easy to use

No ground to dig up, just make the whole and stick it in. Then wait. - Anonymous

Best way to get rid of moles and gophers

Great product shipped quickly. Needed customer service because I thought a couple didnt work. They told me what to do. All were fine. Great customer service. Thanks. Can't recommend the Gopherhawk enough. - Gary S.

Worked in 48 hours

Read the instructions and (better) view the video. The cage wires in the trap are thin and easily bent. However, this device is a snap to set up requires no digging, and (in my case) rid me of a mole pest within the first two days after I set it out. Note that you must buy the set first! I bought one extra trap because we have had extensive mole problems on our 1/4 acre lot. - Art

Awesome Gopher trap

I have caught 81 gophers on our 10 acres of newly planted almond trees. Before purchasing these traps, I had 59 small trees die and when they were pulled to be replanted, all the dead trees had gopher damage on the roots. I will be ordering more traps for sure. Thanks again - Todd