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    With all the tools for the job in one place the trapping set provides the essentials for effective gopher & mole removal.  Including the trap, wedge, and probe, anyone from homeowner to professional will find GopherHawk a simple and effective trapping solution.

    Use the probe to find the tunnel.  Use the wedge tool to open the hole, place your trap and pull up on the outer tube to expose the trapping mechanism within the tunnel.  Traps that are tripped are easily recognizable.

    GopherHawk gopher and mole trap with wedge and probe tool set in lawn near gopher mounds.GopherHawk trigger activates the trap to quickly and humanely kill the gopher or mole.


    Aboveground Catch Indicator

    GopherHawk's yellow catch indicator shows when trap has caught a gopher or mole.

    Catch indicator provides above ground proof that the trap has been set off.  After the trap is set the indicator becomes hidden, and is only exposed again once the trigger has been activated and the trap has sprung. 

    No shovel means there is no digging involved with no need to handle dirt.

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    Best of the Best traps

    I got a totoal of 8 gophers less than 2 weeks, best traps hands down. I am ordering a 3rd one soon. - Terry

    Gopher Hawk

    Prompt delivery and kept up to date in-route. Easy to use product. Pesky moles are so smart, hoping this is the answer, as a friend has had great success with the Hawk and highly recommended it. - Chris


    Seems to be working better now that I rearched the straps out they were in like an hour glass, didn’t know there was any problem till it tripped and it just had a little fur. Reinstalled it in the tunnel caught a small snake the next day, reset and this evening caught a small gopher got it fixed and catching some of those stupid gophers. - Jim Martindale


    Excellent customer support! Item came damaged from shipment, item was replaced right away, easy-peasy. The product is great, my yard is looking better now! - Anonymous

    Gopherhawk Trap

    I have purchased many traps for Moles & Gophers. I have found that Moles are much harder to catch than Gophers. I have had success catching both with this trap. I especially like the yellow indicator that lets you know the trap has sprung. I purchased this one as a gift for a good friend in Wyoming. - Rick

    Sweet Success

    You'll feel great as you remove the yard destroyer from the trap. - Anonymous

    Mole/Gopher Trap

    Arrived on time and works great. - Pipes


    Wow, the Gopherhawk was the high point of my summer. The system works exactly as described, and I caught two gophers within the first hour I used it. Thanks ATS for having these in stock, when everyone else was sold out. - Kathy O

    Great product

    This is a very effective mole trap. You should read the instructions carefully and (better) view the video. The cage wires in the trap are thin and easily bent. However, this device is a snap to set up. It requires no digging, and rid me of a mole pest within the first two days after I set it out. I bought one extra trap because we have had extensive mole problems on our 1/4 acre lot. - Art


    Purchased this along with 3 more individual traps. Husband has been busy trapping gophers and moles in our yard and alfalfa field. He has had tremendous success. Key is getting the depth of the run pinpointed. Should have purchased a dozen!! - Linda

    Gopher Traps

    I was able to trap my first gopher within the first hour after receiving my Gopherhawk. Excellent product. - Anonymous

    Gopherhawk Trap Set

    This set is necessary to be able to set the traps. You only need one of these sets. Then you need more of the actual traps to go with this set. These traps catch a lot of gophers pretty effortlessly and they really DO work. Amazing design. The other products on the market do not work at all. I highly recommend this product and Animal Traps and Supplies has the best price and customer support! - Valerie Chan

    Quality trap

    This gopher trap works amazingly. Simple to use. - Larry