• Price $6.99 EACH
  • Reg Price $12.99

Sodium-nitrate/sulfur flares for gassing rodents in their burrows.  Labeled for skunks, gophers, moles, woodchucks and rats. NOT FOR USE NEXT TO BUILDING FOUNDATIONS. 

Not registered for sale in IN and SC, Restricted use only in NJ.

Reliable and affective

I have purchased three cases over this past year. Pricing is better than similar items in local stores. This product burns longer than the competitive product in my area. Lights every single time where other manufacturers will not always ignite and you waste your money on a dead smoker. This is my permanent supplier and I’m very happy with the owners customer service. - Anonymous


All of them light...all the time. No duds like inferior copycats. - Mike

Great product

Always delivered quickly. Unlike other brands each device burns every time. I will always buy from this vendor. - Anonymous